Can I go back to version 1.2.7?

I recently updated to version 1.2.8 and find that it does not even come close to upsizing my old digital photos as well as version 1.2.7 did. It leaves very, very grainy patches in most of the old images when upsizing that the older versions did not. This is completely unacceptable for the thousands of older images I often work with. How can I go back to the older version? I did much better with the smaller, old low resolution images that I often work with.

Just download from the Topaz Photo AI v1.2.7 release thread in the Topaz Photo AI category, just install and it will overwrite the current install.


I’d like to look at why the 1.2.8 degrades the upscaling quality. We did not make any change to models in that version. Can you help drop an example image that you saw the degradation so that we can reproduce the issue?