Can any of the Topaz Softwares help with this repeating pattern from an 80's photo?

I’ve used Photoshop’s Gaussian blur, but then it only returns when trying to sharpen the image overall.

Tried Gigapixel, Denoise, and Photo. The photo will do great with the faces, but not the rest of the image. Any ideas or help on where to look next would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Susan


I have tried to deal with this too. Without success so far!

Okay, I think I unlocked the code to fix this. It was done in Photoshop and then used Topaz Photo to sharpen.



Can you advise exactly what you did to achieve the final result to help others who may have a similar issue?

I edited it in PS Camera Raw Filters. Did two things - added ‘grain’ and then noise reduction. This really helped to mute the pattern down to noise. Then you need to deal with the noise and sharpening using Topaz’s software. Then back to PS and used Neural filters to help me deal with the coloring issues I couldn’t get past any other way.


Great - thank you for sharing and hopefully it helps some others!

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Wow the result looks great! I will be working on a bunch of photos and videos soon, but I lack the experience. Hopefully there isn’t too much of a learning curve to get these types of results.