Calling Topaz DNAI/GigapixelAI from LR Classic broken again

Hello folks,

I had this issue before in early 2022, eventually it was fixed. Now unfortunately it happened again:

LR Classic 12.1 and DNAI 3.6.2 and Gigapixel AI 5.8.0.
Both Topaz programs throw an unknown error when being send an image from within LRC. TIF files created like this for use in Topaz are sometimes locked and cannot be deleted until the next reboot.

I’m on MacOS 13

Anyone else got this problem?
Thanks and best regards

Have to backtrack, sorry:
This seems to happen only with files on my NAS. Probably the file creation of the TIF file is too slow and Topaz doesn’t find the (complete) file when it tries to open it.

Any idea what I can do here except getting a faster NAS and/or network connection?