Cafe' Campagne

Here is something from yesterday and my favorite Seattle watering hole, void of patrons, due, I think, to the Corona virus. When we stepped up to the door and looked in, I thought it was closed. Seriously, walking around Pikes Place Market and the waterfront was a bit like walking around a ghost town. While not completely void of people, there was a significant, noticeable and weird lack of people. And it was a beautiful sunny day! With respect to Cafe Campagne, one usually has to wait to get a table. But not yesterday! So sad.


I’m in a state with no reported cases but its probably only a matter of time. Ar people wearing face masks there?

Some are, but not a lot. The Surgen General has “urged the public to stop buying masks, warning that it won’t help against the spread of the coronavirus but will take away important resources from health care professionals.” I just read that “The University of Washington will stop meeting for classes on campus beginning Monday and is asking instructors to hold classes and exams remotely until the winter quarter ends March 20.” And for what it’s worth, I had THREE people sneeze on me yesterday. Argh!

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I’ve been sneezing a lot from allergies. Taking some Zyrtec to stop that. I may go to an art reception tonight. Keep safe Doug.

My son and his family lives in the North Park area, so that’s cause for some worry. Then I am in Vancouver not far from Portland, so who knows no one is telling us anything.

My wife is a doctor here in Seattle and was just issued a really cool face mask which she has yet to have the need to use, fortunately. It’s more of a helmet with circulating air and really high tech. One coronavirus patient next door to her clinic in the hospital she’s connected with. Going to the Costco store is a real trip. I usually go at 8 am when it opens and there are maybe 15 of us waiting for them to open. This morning the parking lot was nearly full. All water and toilet paper totally gone. Not sure what the deal is with toilet paper. It’s not like the virus gives you the runs. And water? Isn’t that what the faucet at home is for?


Strange, in the Asia Pacific region the same is happening in Japan and Australia ??

But back to the main point, stunning work Douglas.

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Terry, maybe your wife should go see my son, he has a sore throat and a cough, had a fever but that’s gone. His wife and baby daughter took off to Florida for a week.

In Hawaii, it didn’t matter what the issues was. The first thing to disappear was toilet paper. Then it was spam. My go-to is gin. HA!

Spam really? If you are not feeling well you would think it would be chicken soup.
We dont have any hand sanitizer to be found in our markets. Its strange what people do when they panic.

No, if she ever does get any free time our two cats and I would like to have her with us. She had a patient yesterday who happened to hear, through the partially opened exam room door, one of the Medical Assistants just mentioning the word “Coronavirus”. The patient panicked, and ran out of the room yelling “Coronavirus!!!”, and then to the front desk area yelling it the whole way. Most of the patients in the waiting room got up and started to leave. The Medical assistant had only been asking “Where are we supposed to place the coronavirus patient safety measures information cards?”

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People are going crazy, that’s nuts.
My husband and went out to dinner at Red Robbins last night and ate in the bar. I’m sure you might know what I am talking about. The tables along the back wall are small and close together where we were eating. There was a couple sitting next to us and the man that was cater-corner from me started coughing, a dry cough that made me a bit nervous. So I said a prayer and kept on eating.

It’s understandable Raquel. I would feel the same way. The media does that kind of thing to our sensibilities.

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