BW in Philly

Taken in Philadelphia. I did not get a release from the model for the shot (that is bad), but he is my brother (that is good), but he is a lawyer (that is bad).

Processed with Topaz Studio: Impression, BW and Vignette.


Love the shot and processing (that is good). : - )


Nicely done Ken …

A stately looking gentlemen captured very well.

Thank you very much for your very nice comments, @BobKramer, @Kathy_9, and @Michigander, I appreciate tyem very much!

very nicely done, and you have sufficient good comments to mount a winning defense

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Thank you very much, @FlickColeman for the very nice and funny comments!

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Like that you did this in B&W. The processing and color choice is very effective while maintaining nice details, contrasts and textures on his face… well done!

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @cre8art, they are very motivating!

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