But the Dealer's a Fish!

A standard painted background behind the set. The fish head and hands from my latex mask creation phase. Set dressing was a barrel and prop crates make from 1”x4” and Oriented Strand Board. My Fish Head Mask was mounted on an attired dress maker’s dummy. Umbrella fill, spot key, amber hair light, and a projected gobo for cityscape. Background mist created with a fog machine, and the “Lady” was played by model/actress Denise S.

Corel PhotoPaint (Host Application). Landscape cropped from portrait (the original format) and skewed. Topaz Adjust to pop & saturated. Topaz Impressions: Soft Pastel to soften & smooth where needed, WCF Type 03 to roughen & texturize where needed. Topaz Glow Liquid Color for skin, Fur & Feathers for jacket & wood, Liquid Lines for Dress, Ion Radiation for crates, Whisker Wires, Galactic, Brilliant on Black for edging and highlights. Most of the effects where reduced and softened by blending with another layer before being selectively brushed into the primary layer.

A corner of a crate duplicated 4 times, pieces flipped, rotated, and blended to create the crate style text boxes.

Rain effects added with JixiPxi’s Rain Days (TopazLabs really should consider making a weather generating app). Four versions full rain, partial rain, dry, and a JixiPxi “Artoon Vectoon” processed from the partial rain version. The Artoon version required some additional editing.

This leaves me with two questions. (1) Which is better full rain, partial rain, or dry. (2) And more importantly, did you get the dogs playing poker joke, or is it too esoteric?


Very creative work and very nice job wiring the story/description! I think that my favorite is the partial rain, but they all are interesting. And I think tat most people have seen the classic black velvet poker-playing dogs!

Hi Kenneth, I appreciate your input. It’s really quite useful to me. Thanks.

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Very nice…

Thank-you, very nice of you to say.