Bullfrog Highway

Bullfrog Highway, captured last evening, near Manistee, Michigan with a touch of Impressions Monet.


love the technique but why “Bullfrog Highway”?

Probably because there are wetlands along side and, am sure, it is crossed by Bullfrogs from time to time.


A great vista beautifully processed … Jeremiah would enjoy it :slight_smile:

Very good capture and processing

Great image, I like how you captured the sunlight coming thru the trees. Very nice color and processing.

Can only agree with the other comments here … very nice.

Great rich colors and composition!

It really draws the eye down the road …super edit.

Perfect! What a great mood!

Very nice…I like the lighting which I refer to as the golden hour…it’s just before sundown and everything takes on a special golden glow.

We drive by this road often and this evening was very special. I had captured it in the winter and now summer.

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Bullfrog Highway - Michigander was correct - the road lies adjacent to the Big Manistee River and there is a seasonal chorus of bullfrogs croaking as you travel down it. A spring video picking up the sound would be enchanting!

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The original - before Monet and removing signs - - - -

Hope you don’t mind Wayne but I just had to have a play with this gorgeous image

Just tweaked the yellow, green and red hues and saturations slightly and masked off the roadway

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It gives it a fallish look. :maple_leaf:

Beautiful shot and processing Wayne ! Definitely looks like a painting !

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With the strong light from low on the right picking out the red hues in the tree bark … thought it made sense … start of Fall(?)

July 28, 2017 - around 8:00 PM