Bug with Denoise AI "RAW model" parameters used in Photoshop action

Bug with Denoise AI “RAW model” parameters used in Photoshop action

How to reproduce:

  1. I create a Photoshop action that calls Denoise AI to process an image with RAW model and specific parameters, e.g. N:100 S:0 R:50 C:0

  2. I run the action

What happens: Denoise AI does not use the “RAW” parameters that I set when I created the action. Instead It always uses N:100 S:100 R:100 C:100 (or in fact maybe different out-of-range parameters, as the parameters displayed by Denoise AI during processing appear garbled in the Denoise AI window).

This issue does no happen when I use the “low light” model: in this case, the correct parameters for the “low light” model that I specified (when I created the action) are used when I run the action.

This bug with Denoise AI “RAW” model actions is a big issue for me, as I need to process 1000 images automatically, with given parameters, using a photoshop action. The bug is a show-stopper for me.

Using Win 11 (up to date), Photoshop 24.2.0 (latest)