BUG TO FIX: Select Width & Height will stretch footage

I can recreate this bug so you can fix it.
When upscaling a 320X240 video, instead of a clean 450% at 1440X1080, I use a custom size of 1450X1080. However, during the rendering, using single view, and pressing the cursor to compare. The new footage is about 10 pixels wider than the original ratio, where it should just add 10 pixels of black, not stretch the footage.

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Why should VEAI do that? It does exactly as you tell it to: custom-stretches your video to 1450x1080.

But why altogether? What screen size, praytell, is 1450 wide?

It doesn’t matter “pray tell” what size I have to make my videos. And “NO” it doesn’t do exactly as I tell it to, crop does NOT mean stretch… that feature is called “scale” in every video software ever made. it shouldn’t stretch it. But het that’s OK, because VEAI took a huge step backwards anyway. You…I mean your software obviously has lots of issues. Example, regardless of how consistently it crashes…lets 'imagine it only cashed one time, while rendering an image sequence. but even though the software crashed, the engine continues to generate new frames of footage. So I have to shut that down and then restart. When I reload the program, how can I pick up where I left off? the directory with the partial image sequence stopped at say at frame “12855”. and Um not only upscaling, I’m also interpolating from 16FPS to 60. So if I were using the older version of VEAI, I’d reset what frame to start from, it was EASY, to just type in the frame I left off from. …but I can’t do that now, because it only displays time, not frames. even worse, to trim in the older version, your designers were smart enough to leave the ENTIRE timeline, and the user just marks the in and out points. But not the latest and greatest…nope…i have to trim a whole new clip. your shit is busted bro. Stop breaking it, before you “make it better”. “pray tell” who says that? got ego?

No need to get mad. :slight_smile: You literally said:

Which is telling VEAI to stretch (as a clean 450% scale would be 1440). If you wanted a perfectly scaled video, you should have either chosen a custom size of 1450x1088, or have just used a percentage.

Anger much?