Bug report: Topaz AI products strip the shutter speed from the exif data

The title says is all

Hi, What is the AI product you are using, and the input file format and the output file format?

I use Exposure X5… Topaz Denoise AI is an external editor. I open a TIFF copy in Denoise. The tiff fole created by Exposure has all the correct Exif info. After processing in Denoise AI the TIFF shutter speed reads 0.0 sec.

I suspect this happens with more of the AI products but I’m not going to do our work for you. You can test them your self and test Studio 2 to see where and how the problem occurs. It is not a crucial issue for me, I’ll still use the products, but it IS a bug that you need to chase down.

I am a moderator on this user to user forum, my suggestion is you raise a support request at the main website where the engineers will look at it … it’s not my work either :slight_smile:

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