BSOD with all videos I try to edit

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DxDiag.txt (179.5 KB) (451.6 KB)
When exporting videos with Nyx profile and h264 or h265 it BSOD within a few minutes be it CPU based or Video Card based.

I got BSOD and ffmpeg crashes too until I lowered the amps for my 13900K to 307A and the PCore frequencies to 5,5 Ghz.

Try disabling any overclocking if you have any, then set the CPU to be undervolted using MSI afterburner or a similar app and turn down the max memory % in the Preferences Panel to try and keep the system from being overwhelmed.

Imo is correct that there have been many users seeing issues with these CPU"s not just with Video AI but also with gaming and other apps.