Broken Impressions in TS1

I still am using the TS1 since I’m not completely comfortable with TS2. Not sure why but Topaz Impressions seem!s to be broken. When I try to access the drop down for any effect all I get is “downloading” and a spinning symbol for each of the brushes. Is there way to reinstall TP1 or fix this?

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Odd, TS1:Impression is still working for me…what about your stand-alone mode?

Since, based on your other thread, your Simplify also became broken is there chance you made some other significant software changes and/or installation to your machine that could have impacted them?

The stand-alone version still works fine. I uninstalled and re-install TS1, and tried to run impressions in that. I’m still getting the spinning circle saying downloading with no brushes. I get the same thing with AI clear, although AI clear and Impressions works OK in TS2.