Bring back the manual model download

I spend a lot of time working behind a firewall with geo-blocks on part of the internet, including some of the US. In Gigipixel AI 6.x, I could disable the Firewall briefly and perform a manual download (or check for program updates). With 7 I suspect the program will throw an error when processing photos.

@pchilenski, I completely understand this.

Just some useless information, we only had the manual model download instructions since there was a bug in Gigapixel AI v6.3.3 where the models would fail and there would be no way to download the models. That’s when we decided to upload the models to a cloud drive and allow users to download all models instead of the models specifically meant for their machine.

Since we have changed the way the models are downloaded in Gigapixel 7, this is more than likely not coming back. A big reason is that the upkeep for the models having to be updated every version that released would be tedious and time consuming when they could be working on the quality and other features of the app. Let me know if this information helps.