Bring back Motion Blur option

I know we had Motion Blur removal which seems to have been rolled together with lens blur to become the Strong option. But would love it if they were 2 options again or even have a both option to help prompt the choice of the right model. What strong offers now can be great and I think is better than the old lens and motion options but could see it could still be better.

As a related suggestion, I am not sure exactly how the motion blur model works now but would wonder if there was an option to trace the direction of motion and select motion trails that you would like to remove like how Photoshop did before they changed their code base and remove the feature.

Just go to the settings and turn on the option as they are there. No autopilot thought.

Yes, I did read that but that is not actually what I was asking as I did say the new strong does seem in most cases to do a better job than the old options. I was thinking if there were still 2 options they may still work better than 1 for all. I was proposing other options to help the motion blur work better by having some user input to identify areas that are showing motion blur and are not lines.