Bring back Low Light from Denoise AI

DeNoise AI had a Low Light model that was excellent for astrophotography. When you brought out Photo AI you dropped that very useful function.
Now it’s a manual process to replicate that function. Major step backwards!
You shouldn’t release a new version, especially at over twice the price, that can’t do what the former version did.

Hi, you haven’t said which version of Photo AI you’re using, assuming you’re using a newer version then you have the option of Auto Lighting which is brilliant for astrophotography.

Besides, even if you haven’t got the Auto Lighting option you can still go back and use the Low Light model within DeNoise

Hope this helps

I downloaded it today. Thanks for the suggestion about Auto Lighting, will check that out. I’m recommending denoise software for astrophotography and used to recommend DeNoise but it’s no longer available to new users.