Bottom image comparative bar, apply button, reset button

Hello everyone, how are you?
I am sorry if I misspell english, but I hope you can understand me.
I am used to work a lot in TS1, and sometimes with only one or 2 adjustments and move on to another app, or sometimes I have several copies of the same photo opened and try different adjustments till I find the one I like more.

Now, with TS2, I can’t do it anymore.

So I am requesting for something similar to this?

The good thing about the usual APPLY button is that you can still be doing lots of modifications and never loose sight of what you did in the previous step.(not going through submenus etc)

On the other hand, it would be wonderful to have a kind of RESET button, to let us reset completely a look to the basic photo.
Thanks for reading!



If, when you are in Studio 2, you turn off the Eye icons to the right of each layer you’ve created that will step you back to your original image.

Couldn’t you create different stylistic approaches to your images by using different Filters & Looks then selectively turn off/on those Eye icons to figure out which processing you like best?

Then once you decide on the combo you like, leave the Eye icons active for the layers that produce your preferred looks and turned off for the layers that don’t really do anything for you. And, hit “Accept” (or Export, or however you’re saving).

That should be one way to try different combos of layer experiments and then choose/save the combo that best fulfills your vision for the image…

I’m not sure there is a layer “Group” function (like there is in Ps CC). But if there is (which would be a great feature!!!), then you could do what I’m suggesting above by creating various topline Groups comprised of sub-layers created from Filters and Looks and experiment turning off the Eye icons for each Group to see which combo of layers you like best and want to save.

For now, try the 1st thing I suggested - turning various layer Eye icons off/on to figure out which combo to save.

Good luck!

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cntl+shift+r - or the Mac equivalent


Is there a New Product Features part of the Discussion Forum to post these ideas? Or, is that where this is??

If so, I’m gonna post my “Group Layers” functionality idea for TS 2 there too…

And, you guys can add “Reset to Original Image” option! :smiley:

Yep - we’re in Product Feature Requests.

Okey dokey! Thx…

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will try that , yet I find it more simple to have the image views at hand,sometimes I go on from there to another kind of view, therefore duplicating the image…is there any duplicating image availablein TS2??? Thanks again!!!

Not that I’m aware of. Nor, opening a 2nd image - to do compositing (which I like to do…).

It may be on their product roadmap. But it sure can’t hurt - under Studio > Product Features in this Discussion Forum to start a new topic with a title something like, “Studio 2 - Feature Request - Ability to Duplicate Image Layers and Ability to Open Multiple Images”. Then state how it is you’d like the feature to work and (couldn’t hurt, might help) how you’d plan to use such a feature…


Can you be more specific please.

Thank you Linda :slight_smile:
I love the usual Apply button, as it lets me compare photos, or looks I have added.
Same thing with adding more than one photo to work with and have them all opened at the same time (not real batch process) it’s quite a gain of time doing it that way.
Now I can’t see this image bar at the bottom, is it there? Or it doesn’t exist anymore? Thank you for your time!

Thank you for clarifying what you were looking for. The workflow has really changed in TS2. While it is a work-in-progress (with new features added frequently) it is a more non-destructive workflow and we do not work the same way as in TS1. For the time being, we can only open one image at a time, and no, the image bar on the bottom is no longer there (so you can stop looking for it LOL).

We are a user-to-user group but let us know if you need more help making the transition. Personally, I have both TS1 & TS2 installed as they each have their strengths. But keep in mind that TS1 will not have any further development. You can also put in feature requests in that section of the forum.

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Thanks a lot Linda,
I do have both too, personally I use more the TS1 than the TS2, unless I am editing only one photo and just one, which is usually not the case… My most used filter is Ai-Clear, but then I love trying some creative looks too.
As I am spanish speaker, sometimes things are hard to understand, so really thanks again for your help.
Best wishes!

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