An old image originally shot with a Canon F1 35mm years and years ago on Kodak Ektachrome slide film, then used Topaz magic on it.



Interesting processing, but I really love the original shot!


I like the bottom one best (I think that is the original) because of the smooth colorful shapes.

Both look very cool …

I agree

How about this one? :slight_smile:


Also very nice PP, Wayne. Sorry, but I still like the original best.

Appreciate the comments. The original was created pre digital era. 3 bottles with ripped color paper behind fastened to white background. . Lighting was floods through translucent paper.
Scanned the 35mm Ektachrome slide.

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Don’t feel sorry - I tend to agree with you. :slight_smile:

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Even more impressive given the original was scanned. Might I ask what you used to scan?

I used a Canoscan 5600F. You can only scan 35mm. both negs and slides. Wish it could scan medium format but won’t.

Thanks- I’ve been underwhelmed with my Epson scanner but I’ll persevere for a bit longer. Don’t think I’ve tried AI Clear on the somewhat grainy scans I’ve been getting from negs and trannies.