Blue-Man, Satisfaction

it’s only a dream…graphic art appeaers anywhere…it is representational…the medium in this case is a photograph, with a very deliberate intention…it is a conversation about satisfaction…


I am very offended by “Diaggio’s” comment…


Looks like a processed photo of graffiti on a column, to me.

One half of the primary subject literally says: “Its only a dream”, which is stated in the OP.

In light of a recent attack by a spammer that flooded our forum with extremely graphic images depicting sexual or violent themes, I somewhat understand the reaction here. However, we have addressed the issues that resulted in the spam, and as you can see from @aldussault’s badge, he is one of our Beta Testers. Sure, no one is perfect, but in this case, you’re talking to a well-established user that helps us build our products, not a spammer.

That being said, I urge you to use more discretion when providing feedback on posts, going forward. If it escalates or another report is made against your posts, I’ll be forced to issue an official warning. Context matters!

Thank You…