Blue Flowers

Blue flowers from Florida. Bonus points to whoever can tell me what they are (I have no idea)

Processed with Topaz Studio, A Basic Correction preset (I keep trying to decide if I should have decreased strength a little more).


And for fun I ran the Basic Correction through Topaz ReMix, blending with luminosity. Which version do you like the best?


No bonus for me…I also have no idea which kind they are but they are beautiful. I like your first two edits very much. The third one is a bit too rough for my taste

Lovely treatment and color …

Looks to me like a species of Plumbago. Lovely flowering shrub but won’t grow in the dry air where I live. Edit #2 is my fave.

I think plumbago is correct, though there is a species of phlox that has the same flower. The answer may lie in leaf shape which favours plumbago.

Hmmm…good point. I think the difference lies in that medial crease in the petals. I think phlox petals lack this structure.

Mind and Cinematic are correct… it is Plumbago, because of the crease in the flowers.

I like the first edit better because it is more natural looking with more color punch and details, but I also like the ReMix result.

Plumbago image:

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Known as blue plumbago. We used to have some in our yard and they are seen in many places in Florida.

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Thank you for the very nice comments and educational insights about the flowers, @Laundromat, @BobKramer, @Cinnamatic, @Mond, @cre8art and @tennie, - I definitely learned a lot about them : )

It is always interesting to see which versions people like, too.


Lovely! I actually like the third the best. But, if I had been doing the processing I would have desaturated the green a bit on the third image.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Michael_Andre!

And I always appreciate suggestions, I learn a lot from them


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