Blocked at Scanning image

Impossible to use the sofware because it’s blocked on “Scanning image”

Can you tell me more about the image causing the conflict?

Have you tested this with a different image or file format with similar results?

Hi, that do that on all image. that bugs appears after the last version update 7.0.2

Would you mind providing me with your system profile so I could check for any hardware limitations causing the conflict?

Hi this my computer

3,3 GHz Intel Xeon W 12 cœurs
AMD Radeon Pro W5700X 16 Go
48 Go 2933 MHz DDR4
macOS Soroma 14.3 (23D56)

thx a lot

Thank you for the information. Would you mind reaching out to our Support team for this conflict? It will be much more effective understanding the cause of the conflict.

How ?

Please visit the link below, and you’ll notice a Chat Icon in the bottom left corner.

By clicking this icon, you’ll see both email and live chat options to reach out to our Support Staff.