Blending two different styles in Studio and TS2

I really like having two options on Studio. I usually open a jpg file in PS CS-4. Resize it some and then make two or three duplicate layers to work on. I then open up the plugin Studio to use a preset that I want, then work with the sliders to get it partially done. Then accept that with the OK button and take it back to a PS layer. Then I make it invisible to PS and select a copy in the duplicated layer of the original jpg and make that visible. Next I select the filter plug in of Studio 2 and work on that with the many built in filters and then apply it back to PS. Next I make the two layers viable to blend them together using the layer opacity slider on one of the layers. When I get it to where I want it, then merge the layers and save the object jpg. I open the plug in either TS or TS 2 to frame it is desired. The below is a sample of a test image I did some time ago… So far I am very pleased with the new TS2 as it will be an awesome product. Thanks for looking…


Very good looking image …

Wow, I love this

Thanks for the nice comments Bob and Ricci. I really like the new TS 2 to experiment with.

Great result and very nice description of your method

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