Blackmagic Raw Compatibility with Video Enhance AI

I shoot on a BlackMagic 4k Cinema Camera that shoots in Blackmagic Raw (BRAW). I want to buy Topaz Video Enhance AI but I can’t use it on BRAW footage. I was wondering if your team is ever going to add compatibility for this video format as I saw it was not on the list of upcoming new video compatibility list to come. If not I would highly recommend to add BRAW compatibility because it is a highly popular camera/format and I want to use your amazing software!

Yes! Please add Braw to the list of supportive formats for Topaz Video AI. I purchased the software and was amazed by it. Unfortunately the bulk of my work is shot in Braw format and I cannot use the software as much as I would like to. Braw would be a great addition!

If it’s at all possible this would be amazing.

You could also support for UltraStudio From Blackmagic Design too.