Black Preview & Render Screen - Topaz Video AI v4.0.3 after v4.0.5 update

  1. I just recently installed and started working with Topaz Video AI a few days ago and it worked fine, but ever since the latest recent 4.05 update the preview screen shows up rendered black. Now any previous version I reinstall (tried all the way back to v 3.0.0, also shows a black preview screen. I wish I saw the forums prior about how updating the program will fuck you over permanently. I have very little tech savviness to figure out how to undo falling for the update.

Went back to re-install the version v4.0.3. It now shows a flash of the first or last second of the preview but cuts to black again for the remainder of the 2sec preview. I can’t scroll to pause on this flash preview as it always dips back to black.

In blindly exporting a file with added enhancement it renders a black screen entirely.

I’d like to have a solution that does not involve updating drivers. (Updating drivers has fucked up many previous programs in the past for me. I’m not willing to go down that rabbit hole again.)

Windows 10
CPU: Intel(R) Core ™ i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeGorce GTX 1080
(I would not like to have to update the driver. I don’t want to fuck up my other working programs)

2023-12-02-21-53-2-Main.tzlog (329.4 KB)

I went to manually uninstall the program entirely and installed the old version back from scratch.

Preview seems to work and export fine for now most of the AI models. However, Theia - Details/Fidelity , (Fine Tune Fidelity specifically) renders a black screen. Is there a reason this specific AI model renders in black? Is this an external error?

Re-update again. Managed to get the Theia- Fidelity model to work by converting the Mov file into an MP4. Why this specific model no longer works with Movs I’m not sure since it worked prior to the update.

But item is now solved. Don’t install the new update and just have to work around Mov files now by converting them to something else or not using the Theia model with them :confused:

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