Black Friday Sale

Hi, Have been waiting for Topaz Black Friday Sale to buy Sharpen AI but alas it seems Bkack Friday Sale is only unless I missed something for those who want to buy software that they may never use!! I don’t need Gigapixel, Jpeg to Raw so if I purchased what is included in the sale I would be paying an extra $50+ for nothing. Sorry but the part in the add that states (You only pay for what you don’t own.) omits don’t pay for what you do not want!!!

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Hi Russell! :slight_smile: We’re also offering 15% off anything with this coupon code:


Happy Thanksgiving!! :slight_smile:

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Hi, Again this is NOT a special offer for Black Friday as you can get this 15% from persons who put up videos on Youtube to promote the software near all year. Thankyou, Russ.