Black Forest delight

(Peter) #1

TS Impression, AI Remix

(Jan Štrobl) #2

Beautiful colors, nice setting

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(Artisan-West) #3

Nicely done and very painterly.

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(Kenneth Kovach) #4

Beautiful shot and i really like your processing. Also makes me wish I were there!

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(TERRY) #5

package that with a slice of the gateau (PLEASE)

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(Peter) #6

Yes! I will probably be there some time in February and will think about you when I will have my black forest gateau :slight_smile: Most important: You HAVE to use sour cherries and not sweet cherries like shown in many recipes…

(TERRY) #7

Stop it - it’s only just after breakfast time here and I’m now wanting Kaffee und Kuchen

(Peter) #8

Sorry - chuckle - sorry

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(TERRY) #9

No need to apologize - up early to let the builder have access at daughter’s house. It’s going to be a l----o----n----g day and I don’t have a picnic with me ----- pictures and thoughts of food are becoming torture.