Black-chinned Hummingbird

Well, with all the paint I’ve been pushing around lately, it turns out I still remember how to press the shutter release. I’m pretty sure this is a Black-chinned hummingbird. The first one I’ve seen - ever.

According to the Range/Migration map I get the notion it might be somewhat rare to see one in western Washington.


Beautiful shot …

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Great capture. these little suckers are hard to get since they rarely stand still.

Great photo

Great job. My favorite birds. They are quite amazing. Never saw any like this one before.

Great shot. Here in the Midwest we have had more hummingbirds the last few years.

Much more likely to be a male Anna’s hummingbird. All we see here are Anna’s and Rufous

Excellent portrait. Perfect bokeh for it. Not easy to do hummies justice. This does.

Lovely close up with great detail. Thanks for the biology and art lessons.