Black-bar cropping woes

I am not getting good results with the option to zoom to remove top- and bottom black bars. I even used an avisynth pre-processor (.avs) input file to pre-crop. But, whatever I do, VEAI always shows like a 20p black bar at the top (and also in the output, btw); and worse, I suspect it’s downshifting the entire movie by 20p.

I can ‘solve’ this manually, by just adjusting zoom from, say 263% to 270%. But I shouldn’t have to (after all, you’re losing extra footage that way). I hope this will get fixed one day.

Handbrake does a good job of stripping black bars as a pre-processing step, it detects them accurately, so in most cases you wont have to do any additional messing about.

So does AviSynth. Problem is that VEAI (for reasons unknown) decides to move down the movie a bit, leaving a ca. 20px gap at the top, regardless of how I crop it.