Black Background on Transparent images

When working on an image with a transparent background I’m always left with a thin black line around my image. Is there a way that it can just be a transparent background instead of being black, unless I’m missing something and can do that myself but can’t find anything that lets me change this.

@mariewolman I haven’t seen this before. Can you upload an original image that you’re finding this conflict with so I can run some tests on my end and let our developers know as well.

Thanks for the response.
I’ve attached a demo so you can see.
When I upload the original image which has a transparent background, it shows it with a black background and when Topaz has done it’s thing, it leaves this very thin black outline which I can’t get rid of.

Many thanks

Hi Sorry I forgot to attach the original image to my earlier email and have attached both original image and the end result that I keep getting.


Beautiful image. I spoke with our developers and this is a known issue that they’re currently investigating. In the meantime, unfortunately I don’t have a good workaround for this if you want to use a PNG but converting to JPG or TIFF will eliminate the border artifact.


OK thanks for getting back to me. Look forward to when you are able to fix this issue.

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Do you have any news on this issue? I wondered if it is because the user interface is black, and when exporting the enlarged PNG, some of this is captured as an outline. I am getting this, too, on pre-cutout PNG files that I upload and export as enlarged PNG files. My outlines are more subtle but look like a very thin shadow.