Bird Side by Side Comparo 3.0 / 2.6.4

For many aspect Proteus result is not as good with 3.0
Same parameters : RC 100, RD 57, Sh 55,RN 56, Dh0, AAD47
Also speed is 2 FPS for 2.6.4 and 1.3 FPS for 3.0
3.0 trial is left … Red arrows show worse aspect, green arrows better aspect !

Hi can you explain what you are showing?

First - what I assume you are using a PC?

Next, which image is V3 and which image is V2.6.4 ?

Also, I noticed that both images are different resolutions 507x691 and 503x684.

Finally, it appears one frame is 141 and the other frame is 142?

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2.6.4 starts frame numbering at 0 but 3.0.0 default starts at 1. From that I would deduce that frame 142 was done in 3.0.0.

Yup, the 3.0 models are different from the 2.6 models, so you can’t use the same Proteus settings and expect the same results.

Keep in mind that TVAI is a totally different application than TVEAI. TVEAI was a program that applied video rescaling, noise removal, etc., and used ffmpeg for some routine processing (packaging and compression). TVAI is a GUI that builds ffmpeg commands to do both the routine processing AND the video enhancements. IOW, ffmpeg is now doing ALL the video processing.

They make this happen by recompiling the AI components as ffmpeg ‘filters’. Filters are how ffmpeg implements frame based processing like reverse telecine, frame rate conversions, noise reduction, etc. See FFmpeg Bitstream Filters Documentation for more info and examples of some filters included in ffmpeg by default. What Topaz has done is to add video enhancement and stabilization filters to their own custom build of ffmpeg.