Bird of Paradise

So I was out in the yard cutting some flowers for our Thanksgiving table’s center piece and it occurred to me how I kind of take these things for granted. They are pretty cool flowers for sure and also provide nectar for birds, geckos and anoles. I could get along just fine without the geckos, but I enjoy watching the birds and anoles slurp up the grinds. Anyway, just thought I’d share. Happy Happy!


Thanks for sharing your artwork. Please continue.

Great colors!!

Thank you! I’ve been working hard on trying to understand how to control and manipulate color - and it helps to start with something with nice color. :slight_smile:

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nice one!!!

Beautifully done, the Bird of Paradise is one of my favorite flowers.
Like I mentioned in one of your other posts, you should consider marketing/selling them. I’m sure there are street fairs in your area that visitors would be interested in buying some of your work to take home?

I like it !!!