Big Upscaling Quality Degradation GigaPixel vs PhotoAI

Hi :slight_smile:

I have noticed a Big Quality Degradation between GigaPixel vs PhotoAI! :frowning:

Look here for a Comparison:
With PhotoAI the Image is over smoothed (even with Denoise, Deblur and FixCompression set to “ZERO”… The new Alorithm looks much more artifical!
And there are big Halos etc around the Text! The older Algorithm looks much more realistic, has more details and is not too much over smoothed!

Please bring it back, like it was on GigaPixel…


Did you only use the enhance AI, and turn off the other photo AIs. Which enhance AI did you use, they all behave differently even if you have zeroed out the filtering options.

Thanks for reaching out. For the Topaz Photo AI result to be the same as Gigapixel AI, please make sure only Upscaling is turned on.

If you use Remove Noise or Sharpen at all, it will affect the image even if the strength is low.

Generally, you can get the best result for a already good quality image by optimizing a single AI filter instead of applying many. More processing can produce more issues.

No I have no additional Filters applied, only the „Upscaling“…

And in the Upscaling-Parameters I have set the same for „Denoise“, „Deblur“ and „FixCompression“ like in GigaPixel! But the Results are not equal!

Which AI under enhance though?


If you want fidelity that is what hifi is for…std intentionally smooths out noise more.

hifi in gigapixel has more color noise and blown out highlights in hi-fi that has been fixed in photo.

yes, but that’s not the Point of my Question :wink:
Independent if I use “Standard” or “Hi-Fi”, the Results should be equal with GigaPixel like @Lingyu said, but they are not.

They should not be equal because GP stopped being updated last JAN and is not seeing further development. The only way it would be possible is to no longer update TPAI as well, and the main change they made in TPAI was to back off aggressiveness overall that GP was doing with those same models - so this would be a corner case. But in general the painterly look happens more with standard than with hi-fi.

yes that could be true,
but then they should optimize all Models for a more realistic look instead of a “painted Look” :wink: :+1:

well some of the models are intended to enhance art and cartoons, so not all the models should be realistic. But standard does do more edge painting/contrasting for sure than hifi, it will be more likely to look painted and also will be more hallucinated - and when the hallucinated gets painted it gets very very wierd! The downside is that sometimes hifi cannot pull the edges out of noise because it tends to not paint them.

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