Big Stitch with Microsoft ICE


40+ hand held images stitched with MS ICE. The original is 10,000+ pixels wide. I don’t recall how long it took to process, but it was on the order of a few minutes, not 10s of minutes. The source jpeg is about 12Mb so I added a white color overlay to reduce color depth, resized to half the wide (5000px), and saved with medium low quality compression. So it has much less jpeg banding etc than the first version I posted here.


Very nice stitch! Is there an artifact in the sky causing posterization in the left side of the image? Is it from compression to post online?

I also like the bw choice very much

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Hi Ken, thanks. Yes, I compressed it a lot - 15% jpeg quality rather than 80% quality I normally use.

Pierre used Microsoft ICE for his “In the Forest!” image and Flick was thinking about checking it out. So I posted this to show you can create stitches with a lot of images quickly and easily. It’s a pretty good application and free. In fact, testing MS ICE was why I took the images in the first place. :slight_smile:

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Wow! Amazing

Ken, I changed how I saved the image so it’s cleaner and in color. Description in original post.

Thank you Susan. I uploaded a better version today.

I like both the color and BW versions and interesting description. The banding is much improved.