Beta and Alpha occuping seat of Retail products

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Betas and alpha occuping seat of Retail Product on seat installed other machine Betas and alpha need to over write existing activation ie (Beta /Alpha) .
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This is expected behavior at the moment. Could you share how this is affecting your usage of the application or your work?

Takes away seat from Retail on my PC Laptop.The Previous Products DenoiseAI also had Prophoto support this has been removed .Competition has wide gamut support in their products.This helps in processing Color .

Thanks. We will likely update this as part of the v1.4 release that is coming soon.

Try DXO Photo all Elite.

This seats issue was fixed in v1.4.0 so your computer can run alpha beta and release version all on the same seat.

You get my masking suggestion?

What was the masking suggestion?

Add Mask AI or Remap in to Photo AI.
Delete Mask Keep Marker and fill
Compute Mask
Color Range picker for Cut Delete Compute.
Save and Load TRIMap and Mask.
As Plugin The Above Except Save and load.

We will be improving the masking features in Topaz Photo AI to make subject selection better.

We are not currently planning on turning Topaz Photo AI into Mask AI or Remap.

Here is an Example From your Product :slight_smile:

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