Best workflow with RAW files? Use Denoise first or last?

I just bought Topaz Denoise AI. My normal workflow is to develop RAW files with Capture One and if I need more processing, export to TIFF and process more with Affinity Photo or other tools.

I have noticed that Denoise can import RAW (Fuji RAW) files and also export DNG.

This makes me wonder if I should process the RAW files first with Denoise and then with Capture One or if should process with Capture One and then process a TIFF with Denoise.

Any suggestions? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

I would recommend that you process a TIF in DeNoise from Capture One with NO noise reduction or sharpening applied in Capture One. Note you can apply color noise reduction.

The DNG files exported by Topaz products are NOT RAW images, bat a converted output image with a profile.

There is another thread here you may want to read:

Thank you!