Best way to use two-pass/Nyx

Does it make sense to use Nyx for the first pass of a two pass upscale from 1080p to 2160p, with the second pass being Proteus? There’s a note about Nyx v1 only doing x1 scaling, is it effective to use it as part of a two pass? Are there better ways of using two pass for 1080p to 2160p?


I would assume it could make sense using Nyx with two pass for video cleanup, only if you going to upscale with an AI that doesn’t do noise cleanup or no AI. Proteus is not one of them.
Nyx was intended for high quality video, meaning Proteus is less good for upscaling High Quality videos, while GAIA HQ is more suited.
Proteus already does cleanups (more aggressively) so i am not sure it makes sense to use Nyx.
I see things as: Nyx was created for HQ video cleanup treatment, that’s it. or together with an upscaler model that doesn’t do a video cleanup. or you will just end up with redundant noise cleanup and quality degradation.

the question would be which one to run 1st. cleanup then upscale with Gaia or upscale with Gaia 1st then do a cleanup. I would assume the later, as Gaia might already do some clenup.
I think you would have to run those both and see for yourself which one looks better.