Best way to use Topaz AI with footage Legacy upscaled

I have footage shot 22 years ago on MiniDV (720x480) which was edited and about 10 years ago and was upscaled to 1920x1080 using whatever they used back then.

I was hoping I could get Topaz Video Ai to improve it even if it is just maintaining 1920x1080.

I ran through several models and don’t really see any difference.

I had read in another forum that I wouldn’t see much difference unless I downscale and then use Topaz to upscale.

Any truth to that?

The original mini Dv tapes are gone and I’m kind of stuck with this sub par upscale.

Any suggestions?

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I also have noticed that no models make much difference on movies that are already 1920x1080. I have had to downscale to DVD resolutions to get TVAI to do anything to them.
Obviously keep backups in case you don’t see any improvement.


I think I answered your support ticket via email earlier, just let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

Is there a suggested way to downscale that works better than others? Or will standard premiere scaler work assuming retaining high bitrate…

That sounds good enough to me.

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I haven’t seen the support ticket and checked email twice. Can you post here as well?

Would be nice to do that in the background. I’m going to try this over the weekend and confirm my results.

If you are comfortable modifying the ffmpeg commands, there is a way to downscale it right before feeding it into the TVAI filter.