Best way to enhance DV PAL from Digital8 source


what is the best way to enhance a DV PAL 720x576 input source with interpolation? I would say:

  • Dione TV 100% Denoise/Deblock
  • Artemis LQ to FullHD

Any better way? Is Artemis LQ ok for DV PAL? Would it be better to export to 4k and rescale it to FullHD later with Lanczos algorythm (XMedia Recode)?

Thanks for your help!

i would do medium quality artemis. LQ will kill off too much detail.

also to deinterlace instead of topaz try staxrip and the qtgmc filter. ive found the results are cleaner using that

I will use Artemis MQ then.
I tried Staxrip but could not open the mkv file after that. Not even VLC could… strange… I checked “Source=Automatic”, “Field=GTGMC medium” and “Noise=DFTTest”. If the result is not that far superior there I rather stick to Topaz and have everything in one product.

EDIT: Interesting, I even get better results when using Proteus-9 with well chosen settings. Even more crispy but not too crispy picture here…

ty mp4 and last i checked staxrip qtgmc is superior topaz work with certain interlacing but others ive found it not to work as well.