Best Practices to Process about 2,000 RAWs

Hey Peeps - I shot an event this past weekend (it was a bodybuilding show). I need noise reduction in most of them and when I look at the options, I need RAW Strong for all of the photos. I am not exactly sure how to apply “RAW Strong” to all photos. It seems that when I see all of the photos on the bottom ribbon, when I click and individual photo, RAW strong isnt selected. Is this possible or do i need to select every photo individually to select RAW Strong?

Right click onto the image and select “Apply” and then “Current settings to selected images”. Keep sure you selected all images. :slight_smile:

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I also have similar question, I want to apply raw denoise with auto value and lighting correction to a batch of photo, I use the “Current settings to selected images” function to apply the settings of the first photo to others, the auto calculated denoise strength and deblur value will also copied to all other photo

Is it possible to keep the auto calculate denoise strength and also apply lighting correct to all photo in a batch?