Best Practices for Getting 25p from a DVD, 2-step process better?

My source is PAL DVD. My current process is converting the PAL (25i) VOB source file directly in VEAI 3.1. I would like advice on getting this to 1080 25p.

Fiddling with trial of VEAI 3 I seem to be getting pretty good results for with Interlaced Progressive and Dione Robust as it gives me a 25p file and I like the look. When I use interlaced, auto-detect, Dione DV 2x it gives me a 50p file which takes longer to process and I don’t like “video” looking results. But after reading through this forum I think I am not suppose to use the Interlaced Progressive and I am wondering if I will get better results by first running file through interlace auto and then doing a second pass to make it 25p again for a more film-like motion.

My experience is that running interlaced using Dione DV or TV would result a bit more details and sharpness, then de-interlacing with external tool 1st then going with progressive.
you can read all about it here.

if you want to keep the original FPS of 25 , you can just manually put in 25 FPS based on the official documentation from Topaz.

the interlaced progressive option is only to be used if you have a video that previously converted to progressive without de-interlacing it at the time.
so this option is to try and correct the errors of that file. not so much your use case, so it’s not relevant for your case.