Best INPUT Codec?

Everyone is just talking about export codecs and processing times for certain models.
I’ve just re-encoded a 20 minutes long .mov file to a h.246 to be processed by Artemis HQ and ETA was halved.

What’s the best input codec, according to your experiences?

Hi - could you be more specific? QuickTime mov files are containers that can contain any codec.

One would think that the the input codec would make a difference on speed (in addition to output codec).

I try to always provide an industry standard resolution and a well known and universally supported codec. I don’t want to software to try to interpret what it is receiving.

I would think it takes whatever you provide and then converts it to a standard interim codec for processing then outputs into your desired container and codec.

If there is any overhead from the input codec at all, then png images are the best possible input source. TVAI processes in the same colorspace as png, so you have to make sure you convert the colorspace correctly. Also, having image files as the source does not produce preview window sync errors, but you have to set the frame rate manually. I suppose you would need a big enough storage drive to have the speed needed to read fast enough. My 500GB HDD takes about two hours longer to process 5, 20 minute videos than my 8TB HDD. Because it cannot keep up with all the read and write requests.

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