Best filter for old bw films?


I have a old bw film I want to fix. It’s very old… whats the best filter to use? After I have done that, the plan is to run it thru Deoldify to colorize it… .


I’m just upscaling an old BW film from 1954 (720x448 25fps) by 241% (no crop, same frame rate).
Before I started processing I did preview al available AI models, and finally selected Theia Fine Tune Detail; Sharpen:72; Deblock: 85; Grain Amount: 2.0 Size 1.5.
It takes ~0.88 sec/frame.
Well, this are the “best” settings for this film. You have to do your own Preview job to find out what will fit your demand.
Processing an old 1.5 hrs film takes more than 24 hrs VEAI processing time, and .5 hrs Preview to find your best settings is worth to spend.

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