Best config to fix this old VHS footage

vlc-record-2022-09-05-23h40m56s-Original (4.3 MB)

I dont know how to call that effect, so, the best way to show it to you is with a short video.

I mean those bands or horizontal lines “vhs effect”

Is there any way to clean it? i have tried some models, but not good results, maybe a pre-treat with another tool? or use more than one model? or some especific config and model?


PD: Also i want to upscale it from 576p to 1080p but, thats another story (and easiest)
also if anyone knows the name of that effect… im curious

Not sure what that effect is called either. I think Artemis might be the most likely to clean it out.

I’ve been trying to enhance my old family videos that were captured directly onto VHS with a camcorder, (So no additional conversions or anything) and well, I’ve had no real success.
They seem to be immune to all the models. There are slight improvements, but not without worse artifacts. I’ve put the project on hold in hopes that VEAI 3 will have better models.