Benchmark not working

I am trying to help someone work out why their system with a 4070 does not process as quickly as my own with a 3060. We both tried to run the benchmark using version 5.0.2 and all we get are “ERR fps” on every test. Is there a bug or are we doing something wrong?

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As far as I know Topaz made some last minute tweaks to the latest final build that accidently broke the benchmark.

Ok, thanks. I thought it was probably that.

This is slated to be patched with the upcoming release of v5.0.3

I also upgraded to the 4070 from a 2070 and got very little performance improvement. After switching from the Gaming drivers to the Studio drivers, it seem that the performance improved. Previously, I was unable to export anything as I got an error each time I tried to output a video. I re-installed the package and it started working again however I still an error when I try to run the benchmark function. I’m thinking about spending the $$$ to just replace my desktop with a current CPU along with the 4090. I’ll have to pimp my azz out to pay for that rig ;( Hopefully 5.0.3 handles the problem with the benchmarking.