Being a Beta Tester

I would encourage you, and particularly if you really value Topaz products, to apply being a Beta Tester. I have been doing this for a number of years. And it has proven to be one of the most valuable things that I do. Not only do you learn the ends and outs of Topaz products better, you engage in invaluable interaction with fellow Beta testers. Being in the community of photographers is a special privilege and a joy. And being a Beta tester will make you a better photographer.


Thanks for the message. I was a Beta Tester when Glow first came out. Did find a few bugs as well and with other products too. Guess The Topaz crew did not reinstate several of us when the purge was happening. After the loss of the Data from the Forum happened they needed to thin the ranks I suppose.

Michael - actually they did not want to thin out the ranks. They very much want all of those who got accidentally dropped to re-apply. They would very much appreciate having you as a tester.

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Thanks Jack. How do I reapply?

You need to contact Joe.

How do I contact Joe?

I just private messaged him with my request…there is a way to send private messages on the forum.

Joe Fedric