Beep-Beep of Approval

Now we’re getting somewhere


@Mond your style is instantly recognisable!

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Very cool work …

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What is the breakdown of your method? Or is that top secret?


Jack Torcello, I agree. And a great style it is! LouR, this inquiring mind would LOVE to know as well

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A Routemaster? Nice one!

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It’s no secret, nor is there any real method. It’s randomly trying out things until I come up with something I like. For this image, an old one I revisited, I began with tone-mapping in Aurora HDR, then took it into TS. In TS I tried out several presets saving the ones that I liked, Big Cat and Rostami I think were the ones that came out best. These I blended together trying different blend modes until something brought out the best of both of them. Sometimes I blend more presets, using three or four. The frame and final tweaks were done in ON1 Photo Raw. It probably took longer to explain than it did to do it!

PS: I’ve just made some of my favourite presets public, feel free to try them out.


Thank you so much for sharing! You are a great help! Perhaps someday you will do a Topaz Webinar. What are your presets named?

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