Been playing with this process for ages

You may remember the graphic art stuff I showed a few days ago
You may remember the B&W version of this image which is in a national exhibition.
this is a PSP and Adjust 5 and LR version of the chemical process I developed (pun intended) about 30 years ago


This reminds me of a process we did years ago in art class. Basically you colored sheets of paper with different colored paint; glued them on top of one another and then tore through going down to different layers to reveal the various colors.



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Very cool edit …

Very unusual, creative edit.

so creatively colourful … love it

@BobKramer @Michigander @ShazzyCo
Thanks - It was worth the wait to share my ideas with you

Very different from the usual images we see everyday. Nice work.

Fantastic work, Terry.

So creative and inspiring! Thank you very much for sharing this!

Innovative and out of the box. The colours you have invoked are amazing.

Thanks @digital2006 @fotoman @KenKv @Seabreeze
I think it was worth waiting for. It’s taken me a while to find a PP method which emulated the wet chemistry method. I don’t think the colours will be as bright as those which subsequently would be made on Cibachrome from the multi film sheet colour stack. I’ve yet to print this current image but am looking for a suitable substrate.
Next task is to write up my method - save to say it’s 22 layer as was the original wet chemistry method