Because I took so many seal/sea-lion images

If anyone would like to play with these feel free. I look forward to seeing where they may go.


Sweet. What’s going on in the last one; pedicure? :wink: That sea lion is so docile while being handled.

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Wonderful captures …

Kathy it was part of the show … I loved the expression on the sealion’s face

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It’s like she’s saying “oh, that feels so good; I’ve been on my feet all day.”

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That’s pretty much what I was hearing :slight_smile:

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Great images and thanks for sharing them… I look forward to playing with one of the images.

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Thanks to Sharon for offering these fine shots to us … Had a bit of a play with the second one late last nite

PS Action, Topaz Adjust

PS Action, Topaz Simplify


wow … gorgeous images … would love to know how you achieved the top one

Glad you like it Sharon :slight_smile:
It was ‘late’ last nite - from memory - Tweaked the sevenstyles watercolour action in PS, then went to Adjust and clicked through the ‘random’ parameters (little button on bottom right next to ‘Apply’) until I found one I liked and then tweaked that until I was happy enough.
What ‘bugged’ me was that trailing plant behind his head, tried to brush it out in the original image but with limited success …, so in the second image I simply left it.

@rasmus160 Thanks for the info … I don’t have photshop so I might have to think about a work around because I really love the result.

Also didn’t know about the random button in Adjust … will be checking that out :slight_smile:

Changed the background Shazzy - otherwise just a slight adjustment in Adjust.


lovely work Angie ,

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Simplify also has one :spy:

good to know … thnaks

Very beautiful animal.

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Hi rasmus. The PS actions sevenstyles you are mentioning are purchased or downloaded actions, unless I am mistaken. Can you please clarify that?

Wonderful work on the seals.

I really liked all three photos and thank you very much for posting them here for us to play with. The versions that other people have posted are very creative!

I had problems with the colors of the files when I imported them, so I decided to use Topaz BW and adjusted the settings to make the image more dramatic.

Here is a simple desaturated version of the image.


I really like the results of the desaturated version… it has a very clean look.

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great work Ken … may have to try that on some of my other image … and actually played with color theme in studio last night on an image to address the colours created by pool reflections.