Beach Cottage, Kalahuipua'a


Great colors and brushstrokes, you have developed your own unique painting style.

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That’s what I call G R E E N
Pity it overwhelms the beautiful cottage in the background

Very nice tropical scene. It will be interesting to see if your style changes much if you move back to the mainland.

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You know this is something I’ve actually been thinking about. Several years ago I was viewing an exhibition of Georgia O’Keeffe’s and Ansel Adams’ work at the Honolulu Museum of Art. There was a quote there by O’Keeffe who commented on her time in the Pacific Northwest. She mentioned something to the effect that she did not like the Northwest so much because it was just so green. And yeah I get it. Certainly one of the things I will miss about the islands is the wonderful light and color, not to mention the culture of Aloha.