Beach Break

Hand painted in Photoshop with Kyle Webster Brushes, then Topaz Impression, Clarity; Detail. Photoshop’s recent upgrade which includes multiple undo (Ctrl-Z) was a life saver and my newly found friend. If nothing else, the “hand painting” process is forcing me to discover and learn new things within Photoshop.


Douglas - that’s my kinda image

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Thanks Terry! I’d also go on the record by saying paint by hand, with a mouse, no less, is a humbling experience. Especially for someone who can not draw a mailbox. Old dog learning new tricks. Great fun!

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Great to see you having a go at hand painting!

you are braver than I

A pen tablet (a small Wacom would do nicely) is a necessity for photo editing and painting. If you want to stick with it, you should get one. I agree that undo is a valuable thing to have, but most programs have it.