Batch Workflow For Weddings

I have started to use Photo AI as part of my workflow after editing weddings/photoshoots etc. I’ve found it adds a great pop to the photos, even ones that have been shot with no noise and are sharp already. But the best aspect of doing this I’ve found is that it does a great job of smoothing skin saving a lot of manual work, whilst making the eyes and mouth pop. It’s one of those things that once you start doing it, you can’t go back!

Theres 2 issues that i feel need enhancing to make it much better for this -

  1. It tries to fix faces that don’t need fixing. So an option to choose in-focus faces and only enhance them. A bonus feature would be the ability to push saturation on eyes, lips etc.
  2. Batch processing. When a wedding has almost 1k images, it’s not practical to go through everyone and tweak the settings for each scenario. So more advanced features in the autopilot on what to do in a given photo scenario. Eg, being able to set at what point noise reduction kicks in and by how much, depending on the sharpness of a face, refine how much it “enhances” ,etc

Obviously, Topaz photo AI wasn’t designed for this use case, but I feel that it’s something that really could be implemented into it and make it a real game-changer for photographers.

You can select which faces you want to recover, click the select button within the recover faces section to turn on or off :slight_smile:

Thanks William, although that’s not something I want to do for nearly 1k images. Hence why I was thinking of more refinement options for the autopilot.

I feel ya. I also shoot weddings, That would be a great feature, but quickly turning off the faces you dont want has worked great for us.